Client Love

I’m excited about bringing my business vision to life!

Susanne helped me to gain a clear vision of where I want to head in my life and how all the different areas work together. The clarity gained through coaching has given me the confidence to quit my 9-5, booked my first clients and launched my coaching business. The amount of things I’ve accomplished while working with Susanne has been life-changing for me and I’m excited about the future and bringing my vision to life.

Aurelia R.

I couldn’t be happier

Before working with Susanne, I was literally tired, physically exhausted, from daily negativity, skeptical thinking, and worrying. Now, I feel in control of my career aspirations and life choices. This has changed my outlook on everything for the better in a fundamental way.

Susanne has helped me realize my potential in a number of areas ranging from my career, more balance in my life to my relationships.

As a consequence, I was able to carve out a new career for myself as a graphic designer and also launch my own freelance business since – I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend working with her if you want to realize your potential.

Tanne N.

Catalyst for clarity

Working with Susanne was a big catalyst for me to get clarity, front-of-mind thought, focus and take action. I’m now much more relaxed about exploring new opportunities and confident about finding the right path and making the decisions that are in line with my goals, what I want to achieve in my life, and what success on my terms means to me. 

Sylvia S.

I have now a clear vision and action steps to take me there.

Coaching with Susanne helped me gain much greater clarity around my short and long-term career goals, what’s truly important to me and how to make them happen while taking into account my family commitments and the life I wanted to create for myself. I know have a clear vision and an action plan to help me move towards my goals.

Lydia D.

I feel more positive & empowered

I was delighted to work with Susanne as I was in a bit of a rut in my life and career and didn’t really know how to move forward. 

It’s early days still but I feel more positive and empowered about changing my career path and seeing what happens next. What I liked most about Susanne is that she is personable, gets to the point and gives useful advice, tools, and strategies. I would highly recommend her coaching services, she has given me a lot of food for thought and I can’t wait to start implementing all those changes.


I feel confident in myself and vision for my business

When I started coaching with Susanne, I felt stuck on how to move forward with my business. I gained confidence and clarity. It really helped me that I have plenty of skills and that I don’t need to waste my time doing things that I hate doing. She helped me step-up into truly being the CEO of my business.

Working with Susanne I’ve also made significant shifts in my mindset.  I’ve become more positive in every aspect of my life. I’m now super confident in my business model and vision for my business.

Jaisheila R.

I feel empowered by my choices

I started coaching with Susanne, as I knew it was time to change careers. My goal was to get clear about what I really wanted out of my career & how to get there but also make sure I still had a life where I could do all the things I’m passionate about.

Through Susanne’s coaching, I got the clarity on how I wanted to move forward with my life and the career I wanted, we came up with a custom action plan to get me there and the choices I had to make to get me there. I feel truly in control of my life and know that I can make it happen. Thank you, Susanne!


I feel more balanced, confident and capable

From the coaching I had with Susanne, I can only but recommend her. Beyond her absolute professionalism and commitment, her knowledge on career development, her personal & professional insights are outstanding. She’s so positive and the pearls of wisdom she left me with, definitely impacted me both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to see how my career will progress in the future. Thanks to  Susanne, I feel more balanced, confident and capable.


I’m thrilled about re-launching my career

Susanne is incredibly perceptive, supportive and has changed my life. She helped me bring my dream to reality by coaching me to take action on my desires. This led me to explore career opportunities outside of the traditional spectrum and have crystal clear clarity on all the things that make me and my experience unique and how to bring it all together and leverage that for my future success. She also challenged my mindset and helped me move past the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. I always came away from her sessions feeling uplifted and positive about the future.  I’m just finalizing my move Australia and I’m thrilled about the opportunities and re-launching my career.

I highly recommend working with Susanne.  She’s always positive, has a great sense of humor and helps you find your own answers!

Elizabeth W.

One of the best investments I made

Susanne didn’t use a standard template to help me but in fact, she first understood my background, motivations, interests and career goals and then came up with a specific action plan to help me achieve my goals. In short, working with Susanne has provided me with a far greater clarity about my goals and a laser-sharp focus on the way to achieve it. I doubt coaching can be customized any further. Take Susanne’s coaching and you will see a world of positive difference. The cost of one-on-one coaching with Susanne is a small price to pay for the focus and clarity that her coaching provides.

Manu P.

Crystal-clear clarity

Before I started coaching with Susanne, I was in a rut and couldn’t seem to move forward.

Immediately after my first session with Susanne, I was more in tune with what I wanted out of my career and life and how to go about it. I felt a sense of wanting to step up, take back control of my career ambitions and take action.


Excited about bringing my new life & business vision to life!

Susanne, an incredible woman of unlimited career insights! The way she merged all of the problems that I was experiencing in my business, how to combine my work with taking better care of my family and myself as well as to be generally more happy in life was exemplary. She got to the core of the issues, guiding me like an invisible hand so that I could see them clearly, from a completely new perspective and create a new vision for my life. Susanne also helped me come up with an action plan to implement the changes I needed to make and I’m excited about my life and the future for my business!


Empowered to successfully changed careers

I was amazed by how much my life changed from the experience. It was very refreshing to talk to a coach who understood my career path and the difficulties I was facing with my career pivot straight away.

Susanne not only helped me get clear on what it is I truly wanted in life but also helped me with some very tangible strategies on how I can focus my research and tailor my profile to potential employers, so I could successfully change careers and feel more empowered by my choices. Her infectious positivity gave me a much-needed boost – I could not recommend her highly enough.

Veronika P.

I have absolute clarity for myself and my business

Working with Susanne was great and a real inspiration. It helped me to learn a lot about me, what I wanted for my life and for my business. It allowed me to take a step back and take a really good look at what I want, tap back into my passions and gain absolute clarity for myself and my business. I also made significant shifts in my mindset and have a new level of self-trust and confidence. With Susanne as my sounding board, I’ve been able to grow and move in new directions that I didn’t think were possible. If you want a truly holistic approach to your life & business, then I would highly recommend coaching with Susanne!


I love my business

Susanne is a smart, driven, and extraordinary woman. Through Susanne’s coaching, I learned to design my business that is a 100% reflection of me – who I am, what I want, and how I want to spend my time and live my life. She helped me nail my niche and create a business that I’m passionate about that works with my life as a mother of two. If it’s your mission to stop working on someone else’s vision and start following your heart to make your own vision a reality, say yes to working with her.




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