You are ambitious. Driven.

You’ve ticked every box and no stranger to success. You’ve worked hard and accomplished so much already. On the outside, your life looks pretty amazing and like you’ve got it all figured out. 

At the same time… you’re an overachiever and perfectionist. You overcommit and the pace you’re running is taking its toll. You’ve hit some impressive milestones but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities. You know there’s more to life than traditional success, money & status, and you’re not even sure the path you’ve been running down is yours anymore. 

You’re ready to shake things up, create a career and life that is in alignment with what you truly want and become the CEO of your whole life. Because only when you give yourself permission to slow down, reconnect with yourself, take a step back and envision where you want to go and who you need to be to get there, will you be able to create the impact you desire to have.

What you need is a strategy aligned with your soul to take you from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and confused about the next steps in your life and career to create success on your terms.

Are you ready?

Hi – I’m Susanne Schwameis and I empower ambitious, purpose-driven women, like you, to step into your power and create success on your terms so you can authentically lead, make an impact and create your legacy – making you feel more confident, empowered, free, fulfilled, successful and loving your life.

It’s time to lead on your own terms.

Let’s do this!

Working with Susanne has provided me with a far greater clarity about my goals and a laser-sharp focus on the way to achieve it. Take Susanne’s coaching and you will see a world of positive difference.

Manu P.

I’ve become a lot more confident about who I truly am and what I’m capable of, also feeling more in control of my career aspirations and life choices.

Tanne N.

I feel more positive and empowered about pursuing my career goals, and how to make it work with all other areas of my life.

Sita T.

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