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You are ambitious and no stranger to success…

… but you can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to life than “traditional” success, money, and status.

You’ve worked hard and achieved so much already. On the outside, your life looks pretty amazing and like you’ve got it all figured out. You have the job you’ve always dreamed of but you can’t help wondering… Shouldn’t I be happier than I am? And lately, you find it hard to care and not even sure the path you’ve been running down is yours anymore.

Deep down, you’ve always known there’s more to life than this. 

How different would your life look if you followed your heart, took action in the direction of your dreams and no longer had to imagine how it might look because you’re actually living it? 

You have the power to make your life truly incredible – one that supports your income desires, fulfills you emotionally and creates an impact. A life that feels good… But you have no idea where to start.

If you’re sick of being exhausted, over the sleepless nights, the chronic stress, the office dramas and the daily grind… 

You’re in the right place. 

If that’s what you desire, then I’ll help you make that happen.

The reality is, if you continue in a holding pattern, you’ll be waiting for forever. Don’t make your dreams wait any longer.

Hi, I’m Susanne!

As a fellow ambitious women used to success, I’ve learned that until you decide to do work that reflects who you are and what you want, it’s always going to feel like something’s missing.

I spent over a decade working my way to the top in the investment banking industry, chasing traditional success. I had the title, the promotions, and the multiple 6-figure salary.

But I also know how exhausting, stressful and soul-crushing the corporate world can be. I’ve been there.

For years I worked 100-hour weeks making someone else millions of dollars, while my dreams were on the back burner, along with my family, my health, and my happiness.

I kept putting everyone else’s business needs before my own and it was wearing me out. I was completely run down, burnt out and stressed.

The traditional model of success wasn’t working any longer for me. Success felt empty and I was deeply unfulfilled. But – I was convinced that surely “there’s more to life” than this.

Even though I was terrified, I took that leap of faith and left my job in the pursuit of more freedom, passion, and purpose in my life. As a result, everything shifted, giving me the freedom to succeed and feeling empowered from within.

Now, I want to show you that there is a better way.

I’ve used all of my experience, training, and tools to create a signature system that will take you from feeling empty, stuck and unfulfilled to living an amazing life doing work you love that you’ll question why you didn’t start sooner.

You are meant for more, and you know it!

My clients come from both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, but what they have in common is their vision for a life that actually feels good. They are ready to wake up with passion and purpose and bring their vision to life. They are ready to do the deep work to discover their desires and take action on living them daily.

How many more days are you willing to wake up wondering if this is it? Doubting yourself? Living by someone else’s rules?

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a better way.

I invite you to explore my offerings and contact me – even if you don’t feel 100% ready yet.

Feel like it’s time to make a big decision?

This half-day intensive is for you if you want to clarity to fast-track your success.

Considering a major career change?

This is for you if you know you want to do more meaningful work…but aren’t sure what that looks like.

Want to start your own business?

This is for you if you are ready to leave your corporate job and get your dream business off the ground.

The truth is, anything is possible. What’s stopping you from having it?

You're in!

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