10 Lessons Investmentbanking Taught Me About Work Life Balance

Originally published on January 4, 2017 at Thrive Global.   I'd been working in the investment banking industry for over 10 years. I regularly had 15-hour days and was available to my clients 24/7. And For the longest time, my job was fun and exciting. I didn't really...

How to ask for a salary raise (and get it!)

Recently, I sat together with a friend of mine to strategise together how to best approach asking for a salary raise that was long-overdue giving his achievements and his boss didn't seem to be doing anything about it either.  The lack of monetary recognition and...

Want to be more successful? Try these 8 mindset shifts

There are many reasons why people become successful and it's no secret that everyone is unique and different people will find different ways to help them become successful. However, if your mind is not wired for success it can be challenging to achieve your goals....

Why you should treat your career like an entrepreneur

For the longest time I was working hard and climbing the corporate ladder. I was successful.  But then things started to change... the structure and culture of my team had drastically changed. I felt like I was not longer able to do the kind of work I enjoyed...

How to choose the right career coach

From my own experiences of hiring coaches at different stages of my life, it's critical to do your homework and shop around before making a decision on hiring a career coach. Coaching is an investment of time, money and effort - so make sure it is right for you! When...

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Susanne is a Leadership Coach and works with ambitious, purpose-driven women to build careers & lives they love.

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