A 4-month 1:1 coaching experience for ambitious women who want to design their ideal career and desired lifestyle to have more passion and purpose in their lives.

You have the job you’ve always dreamed of. But you can’t help wondering… Shouldn’t I be happier than I am? 

The good news? You can be – and it’s easier than you think.

I’m Susanne Schwameis, and I help brilliant, accomplished women (like you) figure out how to do work that is meaningful and inspires you, and that fuels your desired lifestyle – without sacrificing everything you’ve worked so hard for.

On the outside, your life looks pretty amazing…

You’ve worked your way up in your career. You’ve got the promotions, you’re earning great money and you have the kind of job that other people envy!

But… Deep down, something feels wrong.

You’ve always been ambitious  – but now, you’re finding it hard to care. You know you aren’t living up to your potential…and it feels awful. You should be on top of the world. This is all you ever thought you wanted. But all you feel is empty. You think, What is wrong with me??

Maybe you’ve thought about changing careers – but what else could you do? You’ve spent so many years working hard to get where you are  – why would you throw it all away?

And let’s be honest: the thought of that fills you with dread.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be like this?

What if you could use your unique strengths, skills, and experience to do meaningful, powerful work that makes a difference in the world – and that is really fun!


Just imagine what it would feel like to…

  • Figure out exactly what you want – so you can design a life and career that you absolutely love
  • Discover how the work you’ve done in your job up until now can be leveraged for your future success – even in a different career!
  • Play to your strengths, work in your “zone of genius” and let go of everything else
  • Have confidence in the decisions you make and actions you take – without being afraid of what comes next
  • Do work that lights you up and supports your lifestyle – making you feel successful every single day

Does this feel impossible right now?

What if I told you it’s within your reach?

Hi, I’m Susanne!

Before becoming a women’s career & leadership coach, I spent over a decade climbing the ladder, chasing “traditional success”. I had the title, the promotions, and the 6-figure salary.

I can still remember what a burnt-out mess I was and how unfulfilled I felt, despite all I had achieved. Success felt empty and I realized that I didn’t want to continue down the path in front of me anymore.

But I was terrified – how could I throw away all that hard work?

In fact, I discovered that I was approaching my life and work in a way that no longer reflected who I was and what I wanted. As a result, everything shifted, giving me the freedom to succeed.

This allowed me to design a career and life that now makes me feel empowered, free, fulfilled and happy!

There is nothing that I’m more passionate about than showing other women how to achieve the same professional and personal fulfillment by helping them design a career and life that works for them.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

My signature one-on-one program is for high-achieving women like you who want to design a successful career that both inspires them and allows them to create more freedom in their life for the things they actually want.

It’s a unique, holistic coaching package customized to your needs. Because once you shift to a truly integrated approach, everything in life starts to flow.

It’s not your typical coaching program. It’s all about designing success on your terms by building a strong foundation and taking inspired action to create your future. I show you that you can have a successful career and create a lifestyle that you love.

Whatever freedom and success look like to you, I’m here to help you claim and create it.

Clients have told me that before we worked together, they felt frustrated and stuck and thought they had to choose between a successful career and their desired lifestyle. After working with me, they felt empowered and free to build a career and life they love.

After working with Susanne, I couldn’t be happier!

Before working with Susanne, I was literally tired, physically exhausted, from daily negativity, skeptical thinking, and worrying. Now, I feel in control of my career aspirations and life choices. This has changed my outlook on everything for the better in a fundamental way.

Susanne has helped me realize my potential in a number of areas ranging from my career, more balance in my life to my relationships.

As a consequence, I was able to carve out a new career for myself as a graphic designer and also launch my own freelance business since – I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend working with her if you want to realize your potential.


I’m thrilled about re-launching my career

Susanne is incredibly perceptive, supportive and has changed my life. She helped me bring my dream to reality by coaching me to take action on my desires. This led me to explore career opportunities outside of the traditional spectrum and have crystal clear clarity on all the things that make me and my experience unique and how to bring it all together and leverage that for my future success.She also challenged my mindset and helped me move past the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. I always came away from her sessions feeling uplifted and positive about the future.  I’m just finalizing my move Australia and I’m thrilled about the opportunities and re-launching my career.

I highly recommend working with Susanne.  She’s always positive, has a great sense of humor and helps you find your own answers!


Empowered to successfully change careers

I was amazed by how much my life changed from the experience. It was very refreshing to talk to a coach who understood my career path and the difficulties I was facing with my career pivot straight away.

Susanne not only helped me get clear on what it is I truly wanted in life but also helped me with some very tangible strategies on how I can focus my research and tailor my profile to potential employers, so I could successfully change careers and feel more empowered by my choices. Her infectious positivity gave me a much-needed boost – I could not recommend her highly enough.


Are you ready to create success on your terms?

I know each woman I work with comes with her own unique story and background.

This is why your coaching sessions will be customized to your needs and desires. They’ll follow a proven roadmap.

This means taking into account every facet of who you are and what your dreams look like so you take the right steps to build your version of success.

Together, we’ll dig deep, kick the excuses to the curb and catapult your life to the next level.

For an idea of what our time together could look like, see below:

Coaching Topics


  • We’ll deep dive into your values, purpose (your “Big WHY”) and desires that will give clarity on who you are and what you want.
  • You’ll learn how living your life in alignment with your values and purpose will empower you from within.
  • Create a compelling career vision that inspires you to take massive action.
  • We’ll design your unique vision and goals that will inspire you to take consistent action to bring it to life.


  • Learn how to tap into and trust your intuition to help you get into alignment, take action fast and manifest what you want.
  • Create a consistent spiritual practice to feel more energized and raise your vibration.

Design Your Career

  • Identify your unique talents and strengths that are already working for you to lay the foundation for work that energizes and inspires you – whether that’s changing careers or launching your own business
  • Discover the possibilities and how much and what kind of career change you need or want.
  • Learn how to put it all together, that includes everything you want to incorporate into your ideal career or business (and let go of everything else)
  • Create a solid step-by-step action plan to get your career change or entrepreneurial journey off to a flying start.

Impact & Leadership

  • Learn about leadership as a lifestyle so you can create the next level of success in your career.
  • Discover your own unique leadership style and learn the tools that make you powerful and effective.


  • Discover your unique, ideal lifestyle and work model and design your ideal schedule to find your own integration of work, life, and play that brings you more freedom.
  • Prioritize self-care because you understand it‘s critical to your success and happiness
  • Learn how to set boundaries to have more time for the things that matter to you.

Success Mindset

  • Get the tools to bust through your blocks so you can find the courage to take bold action, step into your most powerful self and create the abundance, impact, and success you’re meant to have.
  • Learn to “think like an entrepreneur” and be open to more ideas and opportunities than you thought possible, even if you don’t want to become one.

Program Structure & Specifics

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Welcome pack: you start thinking about what really matters to you, so we can hit the ground running.
  • 2-hour deep-dive session to kick-off our time together. This is where we lay the foundation for our work together so you can get really clear on your values, purpose, and vision for your life and career.
  • 10 x 45-minute coaching calls: weekly and bi-weekly sessions where we’ll make strategic progress toward creating the lifestyle and career you desire.
  • Unlimited e-mail support: for the duration of our time together. If something comes up between sessions, I can give you the support you need.
  • Customized resources & recommendations: and other supplementary tools specifically tailored to you – to help you tackle any issue as you build your new amazing life

This isn’t your typical coaching program.

I show you that you can have a successful career and a lifestyle you love.

After working with me, you will have:

  • Complete clarity about your purpose, a vision for your life and career and the confidence to make it happen
  • A game plan to help you overcome overwhelm so you know what to focus on
  • Plenty of time for self-care and a lifestyle that allows you to pursue your passions and do the things you love so you can truly thrive
  • A career tailored to your strengths, skills, talents, and expertise that is in alignment with what you want, who you are and what you do

I feel more positive & empowered

I was delighted to work with Susanne as I was in a bit of a rut in my life and career and didn’t really know how to move forward. 

It’s early days still but I feel more positive and empowered about changing my career path and seeing what happens next. What I liked most about Susanne is that she is personable, gets to the point and gives useful advice, tools, and strategies. I would highly recommend her coaching services, she has given me a lot of food for thought and I can’t wait to start implementing all those changes.


I’m excited about my future career path

I started coaching with Susanne, as I knew it was time to change careers. My goal was to get clear about what I really wanted out of my career & how to get there but also make sure I still had a life where I could do all the things I’m passionate about.

Through Susanne’s coaching, I got the clarity on how I wanted to move forward with my life and the career I wanted, we came up with a tailored action plan to get me there and the choices I had to make to get me there. I already got accepted and a placement to train as a doctor – I’m excited about my future career path!

I feel truly in control of my life and know that I can make it happen. Thank you, Susanne!


One of the best investments I made

Susanne didn’t use a standard template to help me but in fact, she first understood my background, motivations, interests and career goals and then came up with a specific action plan to help me achieve my goals. In short, working with Susanne has provided me with a far greater clarity about my goals and a laser-sharp focus on the way to achieve it. I doubt coaching can be customized any further. Take Susanne’s coaching and you will see a world of positive difference. The cost of one-on-one coaching with Susanne is a small price to pay for the focus and clarity that her coaching provides.


“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure… Your playing small does not serve the world… And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

– Marianne Williamson

It’s time to make a choice.

You can continue doing things like you have and stay stuck or try to do the work required on your own. Or you can get the support you need and want to completely transform your life and career in as little as four months.

This program is for women who are 100% committed to step into their power, create a career and life on their terms. They’re ready to take action so they can unlock their potential and follow their dreams!

You know you have what it takes. But you also know that what got you here won’t necessarily get you where you want to be.

I’m here to show you that you have it in your power to create whatever you want. I see possibilities and opportunities everywhere. My experience shows that you can design a career that you’re inspired by and have a life you love. I can’t wait to help you create yours, too.

Are you done putting your dreams on hold?

If you feel excited about the possibilities, then you already have your answer. Then, it’s time to invest in yourself to take you to the next level, unlock your potential and become the best version of yourself.


$3,500 paid in full

(payment plans available)

So are you in?

Don’t wait to secure your success. I know you are ready. It’s time to take action.

I only work with women I feel completely aligned with, who are 100% committed to doing the work required to create success on their terms and are bold action-takers.

That’s why I accept clients by application only. I have a limited number of one-on-one coaching spots available each month. If you’re curious about working together, take your first step toward creating more freedom, passion, and purpose in your life and apply now.

I can’t wait to get to know you. I‘ll support you stepping into your most powerful self and creating a life and career you love and that inspires you.

Ready to take the next step?

Questions? I got answers.

Who is this program for?

This program is for ambitious women who want to create the career/business and life they dream of and take bold action to bring them to life.

You are open to learn, explore and re-examine. You’re ready to dive deep. You’re open to the journey. You‘re courageous and trust the process. You‘re ready to show up 100% for yourself and your commitments.

You understand that coaching is about us co-creating the life you are called to live.

How will coaching help me?

If you’re being totally honest with yourself, you know that you aren’t where you want to be in your life and have no clue how to get there.

You need someone who has gone through the experience herself and can guide you through the process.

There’s a reason why the top leaders and successful people all have coaches and mentors supporting them.

How does your coaching program stand out from other programs?

While many coaches claim they enjoyed a successful career and have the “magic” solution to your problem, they lack the experience or training to back it up with.

When you work with me you get an all-access pass to my experience as a former senior exec in the financial services industry, someone who went through a career transition and now is an entrepreneur.

You’ll also get access to all my tools, resources and experience to make sure you have everything you need to create a business and life filled with freedom, passion, and purpose.

Will I be successful if I work a full-time, demanding day job and don’t have tons of time to commit?

You’re here because you want to transform your life and create a business.

If you want this change and you want to succeed, you have to make the time for this program.

You need to set aside 60 minutes for our calls and make time to integrate the information and work on your assignments in between sessions (because homework = clarity!).

That will likely take between 1-2 hours per week. To truly change your life and see results you’ve got to invest your time and energy.

I’m on a budget and not sure investing in a coach is right for me?

I believe the best investment is always in yourself. Ask yourself, “Where will I be in six months if I don’t take action?” and “What will it cost me to stay where I am?

I’m ready to take action and get started. How do I pay?

Your payment will be securely processed through or

You’ll receive a confirmation email once the transaction is complete.

In addition, you’ll receive our full program details, welcome packet, my contact information and the next steps for our program to set you up for success straight away!

I’ve got questions. How can I contact you?

Still have questions? No problem!

I want to make sure you make the best decision for yourself before you commit.  I’m here to answer them.

Just schedule a free 30-minute consultation or email me at I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!



Your free guide is on it's way!

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